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Complete List of All Internet Top-Level Domains

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Below is a complete list of all 1,530 Internet top-level domains (TLDs) as of the date of this publishing.

Sometimes our clients wonder why we don’t list every available TLD on our order form, and this is why!  There are too many of them! But here is the complete list for anyone who would like to see all of them. 

Please note that many TLDs have restrictions and not everyone is allowed to register a domain with them. Those restrictions are included in our list here. Also note, that these are not the only TLDs available. There are also geographic-based TLDs. 

If you’d like to register any of these domains that don’t appear on our order form, contact us here and we can do it manually for you.

Some top-level domains have specific verification requirements that registrants must meet in order to register domains under them. This list is provided merely as a reference.

You can see country-level TLDs hereTop-Level Country Domains.

 As of June 2019, the root domain contains 1530 top-level domains and this is all of them.

 Source: Wikipedia

NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.academyacademic institutesDonuts[donuts 1]YesYes
.accountantaccountants and accounting firmsGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.accountantsaccountants and accounting firmsDonuts[donuts 2]YesYes
.activegeneralThe Active NetworkUnknownYes
.actoractorsRightside Group[n 1]YesYes
.ads  Charleston Road Registry Inc.[46]  
.adultadult entertainment (pornography)For sites providing sexually explicit content, such as pornography. YesYes
.aeroair-transport industryMust verify eligibility for registration; only those in various categories of air-travel-related entities may register.SITANoNo
.africa ZA Central RegistryUnknownYes
.agencybusiness associationsDonuts[donuts 3]Yes[9]Yes
.airforcedefense contractorsRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.analytics  Campus IP LLC[46]  
.appApps[47]Google[n 2]UnknownYes
.archiarchitects and architect firms[48]Restricted to individuals and organizations that can verify participation in architecture industry.[49]STARTING DOT LIMITEDUnknownYes
.armydefense contractorsRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.artartists, museums, art galleries, dealers, service providers and contractorsUK Creative IdeasYesYes
.associatesbusiness associationsDonuts[donuts 4]YesYes
.attorneyattorneys and legal organizationsRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.auction Rightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.audible  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.audiostereo/sound systems, musicUniregistryYes[50]Yes
.author  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.auto  Cars Registry Limited[46]  
.autos DERAutosUnknownYes
.aws  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.baby  Johnson & Johnson Services, Inc.[46]  
.band Rightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.bankbanksRestricted to banks and savings associationsfTLD Registry Services, LLCUnknownYes
.barBars and related industryPunto 2012YesYes
.barefoot  Gallo Vineyards, Inc.[46]  
.bargainscoupons and online sellersDonuts[donuts 5]YesYes
.baseball  MLB Advanced Media DH, LLC[46]  
.basketball  Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA)[46]  
.beauty  L’Oréal[46]  
.beerbreweries and beer aficionadosMinds + Machines[n 3]UnknownYes
.berlincompanies, brands, persons and other things with relation to Germany’s capital Berlin dotBERLIN GmbH & Co. KGYes 
.best BestTLD Pty LtdUnknownYes
.bestbuy  BBY Solutions, Inc.[46]  
.bet  Afilias plc[46]  
.bible Respect for “the Bible”, “God as He is revealed in the Bible”, and “orthodox” Christianity[51][52]American Bible Society[46]  
.bidauctionsGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]YesYes
.bikebicyclesDonuts[donuts 6]Yes[53]Yes
.biobiodiversity, biographiesMay require compliance with organic agriculture principles.[54]STARTING DOT LIMITEDUnknownYes
.bizbusinessOpen TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register; however, registrations may be challenged later if they are not held by commercial entities in accordance with the domain’s charter. This TLD was created to provide relief for the .com TLD, where many names have already been taken.NeuStarYes[9]Yes
.blackthose who like the color black[55]AfiliasYesYes
.blackfridayBlack Friday, retailUniregistryYes[50]Yes
.blockbuster  Dish DBS Corporation[46]  
.bluethose who like the color blue[57]AfiliasYesYes
.booGoogle[n 2]UnknownYes
.book  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.bot  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.boutiquespecialized businessesDonuts[donuts 7]YesYes
.boxindividuals and businesses, in order to promote personal cloud storageNS1 LimitedYesYes
.broadway  Celebrate Broadway, Inc.[46]  
.buildconstruction industryOpen Top Level Domain—[58]Plan Bee LLCYesYes
.buildersconstruction workersDonuts[donuts 8]YesYes
.businessbusinessesDonuts[donuts 9]YesYes
.buy  Amazon Registry Services, INC[46]  
.buzzmarketing and social networkingDOTSTRATEGYYesYes


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.cabcabs and taxi companiesDonuts[donuts 10]YesYes
.cafecoffee industryDonutsYesYes
.call  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.cameracamera-related businessesDonuts[donuts 11]YesYes
.campcamps and campingDonuts[donuts 12]YesYes
.cancerresearchOrganizations, research institutes and individuals interested in ending cancer through research[61]Australian Cancer Research FoundationUnknownYes
.capitalfinancial firmsDonuts[donuts 13]YesYes
.car  Cars Registry Limited[46]  
.cardsgeneralDonuts[donuts 14]YesYes
.carehealthcare industryDonuts[donuts 15]YesYes
.career dotCareer LLCYesYes
.careersEmploymentDonuts[donuts 16]YesYes
.case  CNH Industrial N.V.[46]  
.cashfinancialDonuts[donuts 17]YesYes
.cateringFood serviceDonuts[donuts 18]YesYes
.catholic  Pontificium Consilium de Comunicationibus Socialibus (PCCS) (Pontifical Council for Social Communications)[46]
.centergeneralDonuts[donuts 19]YesYes
.ceoCEOs[62]CEOTLD Pty LtdUnknownYes
.channel Google[n 2]UnknownYes
.chatonline chatDonutsYesYes
.cheapResellersDonuts[donuts 20]YesYes
.churchchurchesDonuts[donuts 21]YesYes
.cipriani  Hotel Cipriani Srl[46]  
.circle  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.citygeneralDonuts[donuts 22]YesYes
.claimsretail, auctionsDonuts[donuts 23]YesYes
.cleaningCleaning servicesDonuts[donuts 24]YesYes
.click UniregistryYes[50]Yes
.clinichealthcare clinicsDonuts[donuts 25]YesYes
.clothingApparelDonuts[donuts 26]YesYes
.cloud Aruba S.p.A.  
.clubgroups, organizations, assemblies, communities, general[63].CLUB DOMAINSYes[64]Yes
.coachtravel (flights and motor coaches)DonutsYesYes
.codescomputer and/or encryption code enthusiastsDonuts[donuts 27]YesYes
.coffeecafés and coffee aficionadosDonuts[donuts 28]YesYes
.communitysocial groups, neighborhoodsDonuts[donuts 29]YesYes
.companybusiness associationsDonuts[donuts 30]YesYes
.compare  iSelect Ltd[46]  
.computerTechnologyDonuts[donuts 31]YesYes
.condosReal estateDonuts[donuts 32]YesYes
.constructionConstruction industryDonuts[donuts 33]YesYes
.consultinghired advisorsRightside Group[n 1]YesYes
.contact  Top Level Spectrum, Inc.[46]  
.contractorsRemodeling and independent businessesDonuts[donuts 34]YesYes
.cookingsharing recipesMinds + Machines[n 3]YesYes
.coolGeneral interestsDonuts[donuts 35]YesYes
.coopcooperativesThe .coop TLD is limited to cooperatives as defined by the Rochdale Principles.DotCooperationNoYes
.countrygeneralMinds + Machines[n 3]YesYes
.coupon  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.creditFinancial institutionsDonuts[donuts 36]YesYes
.creditcardFinancial institutionsDonuts[donuts 37]YesYes
.cruise  Viking River Cruises (Bermuda) Ltd.[46]  
.cricketcricketGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.cruisescruise businesses and travelDonuts[donuts 38]YesYes


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.dadfamiliesGoogle[n 2]UnknownYes
.danceDance studios and companiesRightside Group[n 1]YesYes
.data  Dish DBS Corporation[46]  
.dateonline datingGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.datingonline datingDonuts[donuts 39]YesYes
.daygeneralGoogle[n 2]UnknownYes
.deal  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.dealsonline shopping and couponingDonuts[donuts 40]YesYes
.degreegeneralRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.deliverygeneralDonuts[donuts 41]YesYes
.democratDemocratic Party politicsRightside Group[n 1]YesYes
.dentaldentistsDonuts[donuts 42]YesYes
.dentistdentistsRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.designgraphic art and fashionTop Level DesignYesYes
.diamondsdiamond and jewelry industryDonuts[donuts 43]YesYes
.diet UniregistryYes[50]Yes
.digitalgeneralDonuts[donuts 44]YesYes
.directgeneralDonuts[donuts 45]UnknownYes
.directorygeneral directoryDonuts[donuts 46]YesYes
.discountgeneralDonuts[donuts 47]YesYes
.diy  Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.[46]  
.docs  Charleston Road Registry Inc.[46]  
.doctor  Brice Trail, LLC[46]  
.dogdog stores and ownersDonutsYesYes
.domainsdomain registriesDonuts[donuts 48]YesYes
.dot  Dish DBS Corporation[46]  
.downloadtechnologyGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.drive  Charleston Road Registry Inc.[46]  
.duck  Johnson Shareholdings, Inc.[46] 


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.earth  Interlink Co., Ltd.[46]  
.eatrestaurants and foodiesGoogle[n 2]UnknownYes
.ecoSustainability minded companies, non-profits and professionals.[65]Open to anyone pledging a commitment to sustainability action.[66]Big Room Inc.[67]NoYes
.educationeducational institutesDonuts[donuts 49]YesYes
.emailemailDonuts[donuts 50]YesYes
.energyenergy industry and marketingDonuts[donuts 51]YesYes
.engineerengineers and engineering firmsRightside Group[n 1]YesYes
.engineeringengineering firmsDonuts[donuts 52]YesYes
.enterprisesbusiness associationsDonuts[donuts 53]YesYes
.equipmentequipment-related businessesDonuts[donuts 54]YesYes
.esqlawyers, law firms, legal professionalsTo be restricted to verified lawyers and attorneys[68]Google[n 2]UnknownYes
.estatereal estate businessesDonuts[donuts 55]YesYes
.eventshappeningsDonuts[donuts 56]YesYes
.exchangegeneric tradeDonuts[donuts 57]YesYes
.expertgeneric expertiseDonuts[donuts 58]YesYes
.exposedgeneral interestDonuts[donuts 59]YesYes


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.failgeneralDonuts[donuts 60]YesYes
.faithreligion and churchesGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.familyfamilies UnknownYes
.fan  Asiamix Digital Ltd[46]  
.fansgeneral UnknownYes
.farmfarms and agricultureDonuts[donuts 61]YesYes
.fashionclothing industryMinds + Machines[n 3]YesYes
.fast  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.feedback Top Level SpectrumUnknownYes
.film  Motion Picture Domain Registry Pty Ltd[46]  
.final  Núcleo de Informação e Coordenação do Ponto BR – NIC.br[46]  
.financefinancialDonuts[donuts 62]YesYes
.financialfinancialDonuts[donuts 63]YesYes
.fire  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.fishfishing businesses, sports, and interestsDonuts[donuts 64]YesYes
.fishingfishing businesses, sports, and interestsMinds + Machines[n 3]YesYes
.fitFitness and exerciseMinds + Machines[n 3]UnknownYes
.fitnessFitness and exerciseDonuts[donuts 65]YesYes
.flightsairline businesses and travelDonuts[donuts 66]YesYes
.floristfloristsDonuts[donuts 67]YesYes
.flowersflorists and gardensUniregistryYesYes
.flytravelTo be restricted to verified airlines, travel agencies and travel resellers[69]Google[n 2]UnknownYes
.fooweb development[70]Google[n 2]UnknownYes
.food  Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.[46]  
.foodnetwork  Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.[46]  
.footballsoccer and American footballDonutsYesYes
.forsaleonline retailRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.forum  Fegistry, LLC[46]  
.foundationcharitable organizationsDonuts[donuts 68]YesYes
.free  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.frontdoor  Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.[46]  
.fun Radix RegistryUnknownUnknown
.fundfinancialDonuts[donuts 69]YesYes
.furniturefurniture businessesDonuts[donuts 70]YesYes
.fyi“for your information”DonutsYesYes


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.galleryphoto and art galleriesDonuts[donuts 71]YesYes
.game  Uniregistry, Corp.[46]  
.games  United TLD Holdco Ltd.[46]  
.gardengardeningMinds + Machines[n 3]YesYes
.gdnnone, anyoneGDN RegistryUnknownUnknown
.giftsgift-givingDonuts[donuts 72]YesYes
.givescharities and gift-givingRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.glasswindow sales and repairsDonuts[donuts 73]YesYes
.globalgeneralDot GLOBALYesYes
.goldgold and luxuryDonutsUnknownYes
.gopRepublican Party politicsRepublican State Leadership CommitteeSpanish[71]Yes
.graphicsgraphicsDonuts[donuts 74]YesYes
.greenthe environmentally-focused“As a Registrant you may not … use a .green name or its content in a way that negatively affects the mission, purpose of the .green TLD, or its brand.”[72]AfiliasUnknownYes
.gripeopinion sitesDonuts[donuts 75]YesYes
.grocery  Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.[46]  
.group  Romeo Town, LLC[46]  
.guidehelp sitesDonuts[donuts 76]YesYes
.gurugeneric expertiseDonuts[donuts 77]Yes[73]Yes


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.hair  L’Oreal[46]  
.hangout  Charleston Road Registry Inc.[46]  
.health  DotHealth, LLC[46]  
.healthcarehealthcare industryDonuts[donuts 78]UnknownYes
.helphelp sitesUniregistryYes[50]Yes
.heregeneric geographicGoogle[n 2]UnknownYes
.hiphopHip hop cultureUniregistryYes[50]Yes
.hivAIDS and HIVdotHIVUnknownYes
.holdingsreal estate or financial businessDonuts[donuts 79]YesYes
.holidayholiday gift industryDonuts[donuts 80]YesYes
.homegoods  The TJX Companies, Inc.[46]  
.homesreal estate professionalsDominion EnterprisesUnknownYes
.homesense  The TJX Companies, Inc.[46]  
.horsehorse-related businesses and interestMinds + Machines[n 3]YesYes
.hospital  Ruby Pike, LLC[46]  
.hostnetwork companiesRadix RegistryUnknownYes
.hosting UniregistryYes[50]Yes
.hot  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.hotels  Booking.com B.V.[46]  
.housereal estate and construction businessesDonuts[donuts 81]YesYes
.howhow-to guidesGoogle[n 2]UnknownYes


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.ice  IntercontinentalExchange, Inc.[46]  
.icuentrepreneurs and business ownersShortDot SA  
.industriesindustrial businessesDonuts[donuts 82]YesYes
.ingVerbal suffix: e.g., “jump.ing”.Google[n 2]UnknownYes
.inkcreative printing or tattooing[74]Top Level DesignYesYes
.institute[75] Donuts[donuts 83]YesYes
.insurance  fTLD Registry Services LLC[46]  
.insureInsurance companiesDonuts[donuts 84]YesYes
.internationalinternational entitiesDonuts[donuts 85]YesYes
.investmentsfinancialDonuts[donuts 86]YesYes

J, K

NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.jewelryjewelry storesDonutsYesYes
.jobsEmploymentFor websites with job opportunities and job listings.[76]Employ MediaNoYes
.joy  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.kimKim (Korean surname)AfiliasUnknownYes
.kitchenfood industry and remodelingDonuts[donuts 87]YesYes


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.landreal estateDonuts[donuts 88]YesYes
.latino  Dish DBS Corporation[46]  
.law Restricted to qualified lawyers, courts of law, law schools, and legal regulators.[77]Minds + Machines Group Limited[46]  
.lawyerlawyers and legal organizationsRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.leasefinancingDonuts[donuts 89]YesYes
.legallawyers and legal organizationsDonutsYesYes
.lgbtthe lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community“Registrants are prohibited from using the .LGBT domain in a manner that is harmful, threatening, abusive, harassing, defamatory, or hateful with respect to the LGBT community.”[78]AfiliasUnknownYes
.lifegeneralDonuts[donuts 90]YesYes
.lifeinsurance  American Council of Life Insurers[46]  
.lightinglightingDonuts[donuts 91]YesYes
.like  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.limitedgeneralDonuts[donuts 92]YesYes
.limolimousine businessesDonuts[donuts 93]YesYes
.linkconnecting to information[79]UniregistryYes[50]Yes
.live  United TLD Holdco Ltd.[46]  
.living  Lifestyle Domain Holdings, Inc.[46]  
.loanbanks and lendersGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.loansbanks and lendersDonuts[donuts 94]YesYes
.locker  Dish DBS Corporation[46]  
.lolLOL: laughing out loudUniregistry[80]UnknownYes
.lotto AfiliasUnknownYes
.lovedating sites UnknownYes
.ltd DonutsUnknownYes
.luxurybusinesses catering to the wealthyLuxury PartnersYesYes


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.makeup  L’Oréal[46]  
.managementbusiness managementDonuts[donuts 95]YesYes
.map  Charleston Road Registry Inc.[46]  
.marketmarketing services and retailersRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.marketingmarketing servicesDonuts[donuts 96]YesYes
.marketsfinancial and stock marketsIG GroupUnknownYes
.mbaMasters in Business AdministrationDonutsYesYes
.med  Medistry LLC[46]  
.mediageneral media interestsDonuts[donuts 97]YesYes
.meetsocial gatherings, meeting new peopleAfiliasUnknownYes
.memeInternet memesGoogle[n 2]UnknownYes
.memorialmemorial sitesDonutsYesYes
.menmenGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.menurestaurantsWedding TLD2YesYes
.mint  Intuit Administrative Services, Inc.[46]  
.mobimobile devicesMust be used for mobile-compatible sites in accordance with standards.AfiliasYesYes
.mobile  Dish DBS Corporation[46]  
.mobily  GreenTech Consultancy Company W.L.L.[46]  
.moeJapanese otaku culture; see moe (slang)InterlinkYesYes
.mom  Uniregistry, Corp.[46]  
.mortgagemortgage lendersRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.movDigital videoGoogle[n 2]UnknownYes
.moviemovies and cinemasDonutsYesYes
.museummuseumsMust be verified as a legitimate museum.Museum Domain Management AssociationLatin script[9]Yes
.musicMusic dissemination and appreciationUnder contention 

N, O

NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.nameindividuals, by nameOpen TLD; any person or entity is permitted to register; however, registrations may be challenged later if they are not by individuals (or the owners of fictional characters) in accordance with the domain’s charter.VerisignYes[9]Yes
.navydefense contractorsRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.networkgeneralDonuts[donuts 98]YesYes
.newgeneralGoogle[n 2]UnknownYes
.newsnews sites UnknownYes
.ngoNon-governmental organizations.
Sold packaged with .ong.
Restricted to validated NGOs, as determined by PIR. See the eligibility requirements.Public Interest RegistryUnknownYes
.ninjageneral expertiseRightside Group[n 1]YesYes
.now  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.observernews organizationsTop Level Spectrum, Inc.  
.off  Johnson Shareholdings, Inc.[46]  
.orggeneralPublic Interest Registry 
.onegeneral.one (top-level domain)UnknownYes
.ongNon-governmental organizations.
Sold packaged with .ngo.
Restricted to validated NGOs, as determined by PIR. See the eligibility requirements.Public Interest RegistryUnknownYes
.onlshort for “online”I-REGISTRYUnknownYes
.onlinegenericRadix RegistryUnknownYes
.open  American Express Travel Related Services Company, Inc.[46]  
.organicorganic gardeners, farmers, foods, etc.Registrants must be verified as a member of the organic community.[81]AfiliasUnknownYes
.origins  The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.[46]  

P, Q

NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.page  Charleston Road Registry Inc.[46]  
.partnersbusinessesDonuts[donuts 99]YesYes
.partsmanufacturing and consumer autoDonuts[donuts 100]YesYes
.partynightclubs and social gatheringsGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.pay  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.pet  Afilias plc[46]  
.pharmacypharmacies“All registrants within the .pharmacy gTLD are vetted prior to registration to confirm that they meet all applicable regulatory standards, including pharmacy licensure and valid prescription requirements, in the jurisdictions where they are based and where they serve patients.”[82]National Association of Boards of PharmacyUnknownYes
.phone  Dish DBS Corporation[46]  
.photophotography and photo-sharingUniregistryYes[50]Yes
.photographyphotography and photo-sharingDonuts[donuts 101]YesYes
.photosphotography and photo-sharingDonuts[donuts 102]YesYes
.physiophysical therapistsMust be eligible for membership within an association that is a member of the World Confederation for Physical Therapy, have proper training as a physical therapist outside WCPT’s reach, or otherwise supports physical therapy.[83][84]PhysBizUnknownYes
.picsphotography and photo-sharingUniregistryYes[50]Yes
.picturesphotography and photo-sharingDonuts[donuts 103]YesYes
.pid Top Level SpectrumUnknownYes
.pin  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.pinkthose who like the color pinkAfiliasYesYes
.pizzapizza parlorsDonuts[donuts 104]YesYes
.placegeneralDonuts[donuts 105]YesYes
.plumbingplumbing businessesDonuts[donuts 106]YesYes
.pokerPoker players and sitesAfilias[n 4]UnknownYes
.pornadult entertainment (pornography)For sites providing sexually explicit content, such as pornography. YesYes
.postpostal servicesThe .post TLD is restricted to Postal Administrations as defined in the Universal Postal Union constitution, and their large customers who wish to provide “Trusted Postal Services”.[85]Universal Postal UnionNo[86]Yes
.presspublishing and journalismRadix RegistryUnknownYes
.prime  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.proprofessions/professionalsRegistry Services CorporationNoYes
.productionsstudio/art businessesDonuts[donuts 107]YesYes
.profProfessors, teachers and learningGoogle[n 2]UnknownYes
.promo  Afilias plc[46]  
.propertiesreal estateDonuts[donuts 108]YesYes
.propertyreal estateUniregistryYes[50]Yes
.protectionsecurity XYZ.COM LLC[46]  
.pubbars and pubsRightside Group[n 1]YesYes


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.racingracingGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.radioradio stations European Broadcasting Union (EBU)[46]  
.readebook websites Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.realestatereal estate dotRealEstate LLC[46]  
.realtorrealtorsTo be restricted to members of the National Association of Realtors and the Canadian Real Estate Association, and related associations.[87]Real Estate DomainsUnknownYes
.realty  Fegistry, LLC[46]  
.recipesrecipes and cookingDonuts[donuts 109]YesYes
.redthose who like the color red[88]
Also Spanish variant of .net
Also likely to be attractive for domain hacks for words that end with ‘-red’.
.rehabRehab centers and support sitesRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.reitreal estate investment trustsRestricted to REITs, as determined by national law.[89]National Association of Real Estate Investment TrustsUnknownYes
.renRenren users (ren means “people/person” in Mandarin Chinese pinyin)Restricted TLD[90]Beijing Qianxiang Wangjing Technology Development Co.UnknownYes
.rentReal estate professionals and small businessesxyz.xyzUnknownYes
.rentalsshort-term ownershipDonuts[donuts 110]YesYes
.repairgeneral repair/maintenance businessesDonuts[donuts 111]YesYes
.reportbusiness servicesDonuts[donuts 112]YesYes
.republicanRepublican Party politicsRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.restRestaurants and related industryPunto 2012Yes[91]Yes
.restaurantrestaurantsDonuts[donuts 113]YesYes
.reviewpublic reviewsGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.reviewspublic reviewsRightside Group[n 1]YesYes
.richbusinesses catering to the wealthyI-REGISTRYUnknownYes
.ripmemorial sites[92]Rightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.rocksgeneralRightside Group[n 1]YesYes
.rodeoRodeo interestMinds + Machines[n 3]YesYes
.room  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.rugby  World Rugby Strategic Developments Limited[46]  
.runrunning and joggingDonutsYesYes


NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.safe  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.saleretail UnknownYes
.save  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.scholarshipsscholarship relatedScholarships.com[93][94]UnknownUnknown
.schoolschoolsDonuts[donuts 114]YesYes
.sciencescience-related sitesGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.search  Charleston Road Registry Inc.[46]  
.secure  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.security  XYZ.COM LLC[46]  
.select  iSelect Ltd[46]  
.servicesbusiness servicesDonuts[donuts 115]YesYes
.sexadult entertainment (pornography)For sites providing sexually explicit content, such as pornography.ICM RegistryYesYes
.sexyadult entertainmentUniregistryYes[50]Yes
.shoesshoesDonuts[donuts 116]YesYes
.shop  GMO Registry, Inc.[46]  
.shopping  Over Keep, LLC[46]  
.showentertainment and vlogsDonutsYesYes
.showtime  CBS Domains Inc.[46]  
.silk  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.singlesonline datingDonuts[donuts 117]YesYes
.sitegeneral UnknownYes
.skin  L’Oréal[46]  
.sky  Sky International AG[46]  
.sling  Hughes Satellite Systems Corporation[46]  
.smile  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.socialgeneral interestRightside Group[n 1]YesYes
.softwarecomputer softwareRightside Group[n 1]UnknownYes
.solarsolar-powerDonuts[donuts 118]YesYes
.solutionsbusiness servicesDonuts[donuts 119]YesYes
.song  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.spaceas a creative spaceRadix RegistryUnknownYes
.spot  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.storage  Self Storage Company LLC[46]  
.storestoresRadix RegistryYesYes
.stream  Global Registry Services Ltd[45]  
.studioart, fitness, & entertainmentRightside Group[n 1]YesYes
.sucksgripe sitesVox PopuliUnknownYes
.suppliesmanufacturing industriesDonuts[donuts 120]YesYes
.supplymanufacturing industriesDonuts[donuts 121]YesYes
.supporthelp pagesDonuts[donuts 122]Yes[95]Yes
.surfsurfingMinds + Machines[n 3]UnknownYes
.surgeryhealthcare industryDonuts[donuts 123]YesYes
.systemstechnologyDonuts[donuts 124]YesYes

T, U, V[edit]

NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
.talk  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.tattootattoo aficionadosUniregistryYes[50]Yes
.taxitaxi servicesDonutsYesYes
.teamteam sportsDonutsYesYes
.techtechnologyRadix RegistryYesYes
.telInternet communication servicesA contact directory housing all types of contact information directly in the Domain Name System. Yes[96]Yes
.theatertheaters and cinemasDonutsYesYes
.theatre  XYZ.COM LLC[46]  
.tickets  Accent Media Limited[46]  
.tipsgeneral help topicsDonutsYesYes
.tirestire manufacturersDonutsYesYes
.toolsmanufacturing industriesDonutsYesYes
.topgeneralJiangsu BangningUnknownYes
.towngeneric geographicDonutsYesYes
.toystoy businessesDonutsYesYes
.tradebusinessesGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]YesYes
.trainingsports and fitnessDonutsYesYes
.traveltravel and tourism industry related sitesMust be verified as a legitimate travel-related entity. NoYes
.travelersinsurance  Travelers TLD, LLC[46]  
.trust  Artemis Internet Inc[46]  
.tube  Latin American Telecom LLC[46]  
.tunes  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.uconnect  FCA US LLC[46]  
.universityyoung adults, university lifeDonutsYesYes
.venturesfunding for start-upsDonutsYesYes
.vetveterans and veterinarians YesYes
.videovideo sharing UnknownYes
.villasreal estate and/or travel businessesDonutsYesYes
.vip  Minds + Machines Group Limited[46]  
.visioneye-care businessesDonutsYesYes
.vodkaVodka-related businesses and interest YesYes
.votedemocratic elections and campaign websitesMust use the domain in connection with a “clearly identified political/democratic process.”[97]AfiliasUnknownYes
.votingpolling sites Latin and Cyrillic scripts[9]Yes

W, X, Y, Z

NameTarget marketRestrictionsOperator/RegistryIDNDNSSEC
Wǎng is a Chinese Mandarin pinyin rendering of 网 (traditional 網) meaning “web” or “portal”.[98]
Wang is also a common surname in mainland China.
.watches  Richemont DNS Inc.[46]  
.weather  International Business Machines Corporation[46]  
.webcamWeb cam shows and video sharingGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]YesYes
.websitegeneralRadix RegistryUnknownYes
.wedengaged couples and wedding-oriented businessesThis TLD is intended primarily for engaged couples on a short-term basis (two years with prohibitive third-year renewal fees for second-level domains).[100]
And although the registry is advertising for multiple world languages, all domains appear to need to be in Latin script.[101]
.weddingwedding-oriented businessesMinds + Machines[n 3]YesYes
.whoswhogeneralAn open TLD, any person or entity is permitted to register. Conceived for those cited in one of the Who’s Who reference titles published around the world, the registry was opened for use by private individuals, and for-profit and nonprofit entities, including those with social media aspirations. Registry policies allow for rapid takedown of non-compliant domains, for violations including imposturous registration of another’s names, and proscribed uses, including pornography or adult services/applications.Who’s Who RegistryYesYes
.wikiwikis“An open TLD for anyone interested in community resource creation”Top Level DesignYesYes
.wingames, Microsoft WindowsGlobal Registry Services Ltd[45]UnknownYes
.winners  The TJX Companies, Inc.[46]  
.workgeneralMinds + Machines[n 3]YesYes
.wow  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.xxxadult entertainment (pornography)For sites providing sexually explicit content, such as pornography.UniregistryYesYes
.yachts  DERYachts, LLC[46] 
.yogayogaMinds + Machines[n 3]YesYes
.you  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]  
.zero  Amazon Registry Services, Inc.[46]