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Fastest Web Hosts – January 2020

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Fastest Web Hosts - January, 2020

Jan. 20, 2020, New York – In the January 2020 web host speed tests, we tested the Top 6 Web Hosts and LazyLizard has come out on top. 

In web host speed tests conducted by third-party GTMetrix.com, LazyLizard has landed in the number one position, with the fastest hosting connections among its top five web hosting competitors. The five hosts LazyLizard competed against are some of the largest and best-known hosts in the business. Yet their speeds have once again lagged behind.

These speed tests yield a number that give us a summary and big-picture overview of the host’s ability to do a variety of things right. From running super fast servers to fine-tuning them for a particular type of site – in this case WordPress sites. 

The final speed test numbers are like a grade which shows how well a host has performed a large variety of tasks. These numbers provide the best overview of a host’s ability to not only run fast servers but to configure them and fine-tune them for optimal running of WordPress and other database-driven CMS (content management systems) sites. 

LazyLizard is an independent, privately-owned web hosting company whose driving ambition is to provide the absolute best service possible for our clients. Because of our independent status, we’re not pressured by large investors to eek out every last penny of profit by cutting expenses so low that it affects server performance for our clients.

We don’t know if all our clients notice this, but we do know we have a lot of clients who have been with us for more than 20 years!  And whether they notice or not, we take great pride in knowing that we’re doing an excellent job. We take pride in paying attention to every minute detail, seen and unseen alike. It’s the combination of getting all the unseen details right that makes it possible for us to beat all the bigger and more well-known hosts. And we don’t just beat them in speed, we really beat them!

Some people say the speed of the host’s site has nothing to do with the speed of the sites they host. But, we say, the abysmal speeds these hosts’ own sites show that the majority of their efforts are focused on improving the bottom line rather than taking care of all the many details you have to pay attention to in order to run the best and fastest service for their clients.

(Links are provided to the test results for each host. And you can test them yourself at GTMetrix.com  LazyLizard is not affiliated with GTMetrix.com. You can run host speed tests at Google Developers as well).

Seconds to Full Page Load

LazyLizard  2.4 second

Siteground  4.7 seconds

Godaddy     6.0 seconds

Hostgator   5.5 seconds

Bluehost    7.8 seconds

Wpengine  15.0 seconds

Time to First Byte

“Time to First Byte” (TTFB) is the most pure test of a web host’s actual server and network speeds. It measures the time it takes to first connect to a host’s servers before any data is exchanged. 

The “Seconds to Full Page Load” figure above, takes into account TTFB, plus the data exchange between the server and the visitor. This figure in large part depends on how well designed and developed the website is. A well-designed site will take less time to load than a poorly designed one.

So, in the two charts above, we get some interesting insights. Hostgator has the longest TTFB or time to first byte, which means the actual connection to its server is very slow. But Hostgator does not have the longest time to full-page load. It falls into the mid range on that score. That means their actual site is more efficiently designed than some of the others so it makes up some speed time there. 

On the other hand, Wpengine has the longest time to full page load, but they have the second quickest time to first byte. This indicates that their site is very poorly designed. For the second month in a row they have had a very slow time to full page load. 

LazyLizard has a very quick time to first byte, just over 200 hundreths of a second (less than half its nearest competitor – Wpengine). And it has the quickest time to full-page load. This shows that it’s quick server connect time is combined with a well-designed site to make it the fastest host for the third month in a row. 

The Numbers with Google

Of course, the most important speed test comes from Google itself. It is Google after all, the largest search engine on the planet, that uses site speed as one of its ranking factors which can help push your site closer to the top of the search engine results page (SERP). 

So, for us, Google’s assessment of our speed is of primary importance. If you’ve done everything perfectly with your site to make it as fast as possible, but you’re with a host who isn’t pulling their weight, then that’s going to bring your speed down no matter how well you’ve setup your site. That’s why the raw speed tests from Google Developer are so important. And here are our numbers for November.


The Raw Numbers

We were pretty shocked at wpengine’s page load-speed time, so we tested them several times over an hour. The slowest speed they got during our tests that hour was 19.7 seconds. We found that hard to believe so we gave them several more chances, finally ending up with this abysmal 9.1-second load time. This is the second month in a row Wpengine has had a very slow speed. Last month though, they were at 15.0 seconds. So they have had some improvement. 

But this does correspond to anecdotal data from many of their customers telling us, over time, that they’ve had problems with slow speeds on their sites.

Why Choose LazyLizard

We’re a boutique hosting shop which means we take very special and personalized care of each and every one of our clients.

At LazyLizard we’re passionate about seeing our clients succeed by using the products and services and support we provide.

Our servers and systems are always up-to-date running the latest versions of critical software such as PHP, mySQL, Linux and Apache.


We Love Pleasing Our Clients

My experience with LazyLizard has been nothing short of amazing. The level of support provided with my website account has been fantastic. Sometimes I have a question about WordPress and they never mind answering! 

LazyLizard is top notch. I run a vBulletin site and they have always kept their server up to date with the latest software so I can always run the latest version of vB. If you”re looking for a web hosting account look no further than LazyLizard!

I’ve been a customer of LazyLizard’s for over 7 years and they never fail to go above and beyond what I expected. The service has been top notch since I ordered my first web hosting account with them 7 years ago.