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Fastest Servers in Web Hosting

At LazyLizard, we provide web hosting for small businesses. Small businesses need three critical things from their web hosts: speed, security and reliability. Our servers are fine-tuned and maximized specifically for secure and fast hosting for small-business WordPress sites. We have the fastest servers in the industry.

LazyLizard has been hosting websites since 1996. We're still around because we provide stellar personalized service to our elite client base. We take great care to insure each client receives optimum service. We don't pack hundreds of sites onto each server, so each server is as secure and fast as it possibly can be. And unlike other hosts, our hardware and software are always up-to-date and on the cutting edge. We always run the latest production versions of PHP, mySQL, cPanel, Linux, and Apache.

We don't have institutional investors to repay so we're under no pressure to squeeze every last penny out of our operations. Instead of paying back massive loans, we invest that money back into the business, giving our clients the latest and greatest equipment available in the web hosting industry. And that's a big part of the reason why our servers are the fastest in the industry.

And even though we're one of the oldest web hosts in the business, all of our servers and hardware are constantly updated. We have a real commitment to providing the absolute best services in the industry

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WP One


Premium cPanel based web hosting

  • 5 GBs Disk Space
  • 30 GBs Bandwidth
  • 5 Addon Domains
  • Free cPanel
  • Free transfer for WP sites

WP Pro


Perfect for Small Business

  • 30 GBs Disk Space
  • 150 GBs Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Addon Domains
  • Free Email Accounts
  • Free transfer for WP sites

WP Max


Take full control of your website

  • 100 GBs Disk Space
  • 2 TBs Bandwidth
  • cPanel WHM
  • Web-based FTP
  • Free transfer for WP sites
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Access Everything with Just One Sign-In NEW YORK, NY (September 11, 2019) LazyLizard has implemented a new single-sign-on system where clients can login to their accounts and access all their cPanel features.
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LazyLizard Beats Top 5 Hosts in Speed Tests Sept. 5, 2019, New York - In speed tests conducted by third-party GTMetrix.com, LazyLizard has come out way ahead of five of the largest web hosting companies in the world.
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Below is a complete list of all 1,530 Internet top-level domains (TLDs) as of the date of this publishing.
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