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LazyLizard Adds New Single Sign-In

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Posted by on September 11, 2019 in | Comments

Access Everything with Just One Sign-In

NEW YORK, NY (September 11, 2019) LazyLizard has implemented a new single-sign-on system where clients can login to their accounts and access all their cPanel features.

The new system will allow clients to manage not only the administrative portions of their accounts such as billing information and domain registrations, but it will also allow them to manage the web hosting functions such as creating email accounts and databases. 

In the past, clients of most web hosting companies had at least two different logins. One allowed them to manage their billing and other administrative functions and the other let them manage their actual websites on the server. One login for updating your payment information and another for uploading files or creating email accounts and databases. 

Now, by simply clicking on “Client Area” at the top of each page of the LazyLizard website, clients can manage everything.

Just look for the “Client Area” link at the top of each page and click on it to have complete access to everything related to your account. That means your billing information as well as complete access to all cPanel functions.

The above image shows what the Client Area looked like in the past. In the past, when clients logged in from the “Client Area” link, they could change their payment information, manage their domain registrations and add/edit/delete web services.

Now, clients can also fully control their websites from this same area. They’ll have quick shortcuts to creating new email accounts, email forwarders, the file manager, site backups, database creation and management, cron jobs, as well as their AwStats program.

And now, unlike the past, clients can enter multiple payment methods. Before, they were only able to submit a single payment method. So for clients who may have one or two different cards they like to use, they can enter them into the system once and then choose which one they’d like to use each time they need to pay.

We Love Pleasing Our Clients

My experience with LazyLizard has been nothing short of amazing. The level of support provided with my website account has been fantastic. Sometimes I have a question about WordPress and they never mind answering! 

LazyLizard is top notch. I run a vBulletin site and they have always kept their server up to date with the latest software so I can always run the latest version of vB. If you”re looking for a web hosting account look no further than LazyLizard!

I’ve been a customer of LazyLizard’s for over 7 years and they never fail to go above and beyond what I expected. The service has been top notch since I ordered my first web hosting account with them 7 years ago.


Why Choose LazyLizard

We’re a boutique hosting shop which means we take very special and personalized care of each and every one of our clients.

At LazyLizard we’re passionate about seeing our clients succeed by using the products and services and support we provide.

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