How do I create email accounts in cPanel?

To create an email account:
  • Login to cPanel by going to - and click Email Accounts.
  • Fill in the name you want and select the domain name from the drop-down.
  • Type the desired password twice.
  • Change the quota if you want.
  • Click Create.

A note on passwords.  Over the years, spammers have become very good at breaking simple passwords.  So it really is important to use a very secure password.  We recommend using the GENERATE PASSWORD feature to create a random and secure password.  Most people prefer to use simple passwords that they can remember.  However, there are now many good password programs that you can use to manage your passwords.  

One program is called LastPass.  It works online.  Whenever you go to a website in a web browser, it will automatically fill in the password for you.  It also stores your passwords so you can look them up and copy and paste them into other programs whenever you need.

Remember, you really only need to type your password once into your email software and it will remember it after that.  So, LastPass and similar programs are a great way to keep a record of your passwords for those times when you may need to re-type your password into your email software.  So use the Generate Password button and create a secure password, then use a password management program to store it for those times when you may need to actually see it.  

Email Usernames:  Your user name for your email account will be your full email address - not just the name to the left of the @ sign.  Remember that when you setup your account in Outlook or other email programs.  Also remember it if you use our webmail programs.  Your username will be something like:

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