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FileZilla for Windows
Free FTP client - for Windows Only
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FullSync for Windows
FullSync is a universal file synchronization and backup tool which is highly customizable and expandable. It is especially for developers, but the basic functionality is easy enough for everyone. It makes it easy to keep your website files on the server and on your computer in sync at all times. ● Publication and update of websites, synchronization of local directories and making backups of your data. ● Configuration and rule-rewriting per directory possible. ● Flexible rules, allowing all kinds of exclusion/inclusion. ● Multiple protocols supported FTP, SFTP, SMB/CIFS(Windows Shares) and of course local files. ● Scheduled execution of synchronizations using intervals or a crontab like scheduling. ● Ability to remotely control a FullSync instance running on another computer.
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7-Zip is a file extraction program that will de-compress and extract many kinds of compressed files, including .zip files and .tar files.
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FileZilla for Mac OS-X
Free FTP client for Mac OS X
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