Hi, I'm Jonathan Cousar, founder and president of LazyLizard InterNET. I'd love for you to sign up for a web hosting account with us so I can show you what amazing service we provide for our clients, but first I thought I would use an objective third-party to show you what we can do for you. When you're running a for-profit website, the most important thing you have to do is make sure your site is absolutely as fast as it can be.

You've perhaps spent thousands of marketing dollars to get visitors to your site, or you've spent many hours on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) making sure your site comes up in all relevant searches. So, the last thing you need is for your visitors to immediately click out of your site because something annoys them. And the biggest annoyance of all for impatient consumers today is a slow website.

Have you ever done a Google search and you find just the result you're looking for, you click on it, and then suddenly, nothing happens? You wait for a few seconds and the website still hasn't come up. How long do you wait before going back to the search results and clicking on another option? However long you wait, you can bet your customers are going to wait about half as long!

There are many factors that go into having a fast website, including how it's designed. But the first factor is the speed of your web host. If your web host doesn't spend the money to provide you with enough bandwidth, or if they charge so little that they have to stuff two thousand websites on a single server to make money, then your website is not going to be fast, no matter how well you've designed it.

Getting to the host's servers is the very first event in the chain of events that ultimately leads to your home page being displayed on a visitor's screen. If the host's facilities and equipment aren't well configured and finely tuned, then your site is going to appear slow to your visitors.

COMPARE: I'm so confident that we've done such a great job at designing and tuning our systems and operations that I'm going to show you a way to test your web host's speeds against ours. And this is something you won't see other hosting companies do.

If you go to Network-Tools.com (by clicking on my link here), you'll be taken to a page that measures the network speed from their monitoring station to one of our client's websites. Look at the bottom line of the results, where it says: "Average time over 10 pings". That tells you how long it took to connect to the host's server. The amount of time there only measures the time it takes to make the initial connection to the server. It doesn't measure the time it takes to load the web page because that all depends on how our client has designed their page. In other words, it measures what we do. It measures the speed of our hosting services.

Next, type your domain name in the box on the left and hit "GO!" and see how your site compares. The higher the average time, the slower your host's connections and servers are.

On average we see about a 40.80 millisecond connect time to our servers. Websites hosted with Godaddy, typically show around a 52.50 millisecond connection time. This may not seem like much of a difference, but our LazyLizard servers are about 30% faster! And your customers will notice the difference.

To test the speed from your own Windows computer to our servers and to your site, click the Start button and type in "cmd", press Enter. Then type: "ping lazylizard.net" and hit Enter. Do this several times and look at the Average time. Then, type in: "ping YourSite.com", and do that several times. We've found in our tests that our server response time is 3 - 5 times faster than Godaddy's.

The reason companies like Godaddy and other low-cost hosts are slower is because their prices are so low that they've always lost money and they therefore don't have the money to keep their systems in tip-top shape. According to Godaddy's SEC filing when they went public in early 2015, they have lost more than half a BILLION dollars since 2011! With those kinds of huge loses, it's no wonder they can't invest in the latest and greatest equipment. (They're known in the industry for having outdated servers and old clunky software). It's no wonder they have to stuff nearly a thousand websites onto each server. They have to do that to try to keep their losses down (although apparently it's not working so well)!

At LazyLizard, we've been profitable since Day 1. That's because we've never offered Unlimited Everything for $3 a month. Anyone in this business can tell you that you can't make money with that kind of deal (and Godaddy's financial disclosures have proven us right). We've always charged $19.95 a month for our basic business account, and as a result we've always had enough money to invest back into the business. And that's exactly what we do. Although we're more than 20 years old (we started business in 1995), today all our servers are less than a year old.

And not only that, but we use the latest engineering and software technologies to make our servers as fast as our connection times are. For instance, we use only SSD hard drives (Solid State Drive). These drives are like the storage cards you might use in your phone. They don't have any moving parts, so they're a lot faster and a lot less likely to crash. Not only that, they're also a lot more expensive, which is why money-losing hosts like Godaddy don't use them. We can afford to use them though because we've always been profitable and we invest the profits right back into the business, giving you the best equipment and service available.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE! Try it for yourself. Sign-up for an account today and if for any reason we do not exceed your expectations within the first 30 days, we'll give you a full refund.

LazyLizard - The Beginning

I started LazyLizard.NET in 1995, before most people even knew what web hosting was. I remember going around New York City trying to sell my hosting services to small business owners and the most common response I got back then was, "Oh, we don't do the internet, we're not into that. Thank you for coming by, but we don't need a website." I would always laugh and think if they could see what I saw, they'd be jumping on board as soon as they could! But I knew they would eventually come around so I kept plugging away at it. Business was hard those first few years as people were still learning about the web and how advantageous it could be to do business online.

Why We Use .Net Instead of .Com

Speaking of being in business since 1995, people often ask why our website is LazyLizard.NET instead of .com. Well, that's one of the signs that we've been in business a long time. Back in 1995, it had not yet become clear that .com would basically become .everything. Back then, we were told by Network Solutions (the sole authority at the time over domain registrations) that internet network companies had to register as .NET. So, that's what we did... we registered as LazyLizard.NET.

As it became more and more clear that .com was actually becoming the de facto standard on the web - it was too late for us to get LazyLizard.com. A woman in Australia had registered it for her small hotel called the LazyLizard Hotel! She and I came into contact because she kept getting emails asking about her web hosting services! She found out those were intended for me. We developd a nice online friendship over those years! We kept in contact for some time but finally she let the domain expire - without telling me - and one of those domain "scraper" companies scraped it up. They've had it for about 10 years now, unable to sell it to anyone, no doubt because their asking price is an absolutely ridiculous $37,000! Good luck with that guys! I think I'll just stick with LazyLizard.NET. It has worked just fine for the last 20 plus years and it's a nice reminder that I started this business back in the very first days of the internet.

Business-Class Hosting for Small Businesses

By the end of the 1990s, small business owners were really starting to catch on to the web though, and so was LazyLizard. We've always been a small hosting shop because I've always been adamant that the business be profitable - and I knew the big boys like Godaddy and Bluehost which were charging $2-$3 a month for "unlimited" hosting accounts couldn't possibly be making any money. So, I vowed I would never do that.

The price for our basic business hosting package has always been $19.95 a month. It's a little more than the big boys charge, but it gives us the money we need to really support our small business clients with a professional class of web hosting that you really can't get anywhere else. The fact that we've been profitable since Day 1 has meant that we've always been able to provide the latest and greatest in servers and technology to our clients. Our higher prices have also helped to keep us relatively small which lets us give really personalized attention to all our clients. There is nothing better for me than to see a support ticket from a client whose story and business I know from all the personal contact I've had with them over the years. And I think our clients feel the same way. They love knowing that they often get the same person, who knows and understands their business and who can immediately go to work for them.

What's the Real Difference between LazyLizard and Cheap Hosts like Godaddy?

The main difference is that we charge enough so we can provide you with the kind of personal service and capabilities that small businesses deserve. We learned early in 2015 when Godaddy filed for its IPO that they've been losing hundreds of millions of dollars a year. That explains why so many of their ex-clients tell us that when they were with them, their websites were unbearably slow. It turns out that Godaddy purposely throttled and slowed down all of their client websites in an attempt to save a few extra pennies a month per website on bandwidth costs.

It works like this... they charge around $3.00 a month for a website. The website costs them $6-$7 a month to run. On top of that, they have marketing costs of several hundred dollars to acquire each new customer. So they have to cut back on anything and everything in order to keep from going ever deeper into the red. The way they've existed since their founding is by cutting corners every way they can, providing their customers with the worst possible service, and by taking huge losses on every customer they sign up. Basically it was - lose a ton of money and try to reduce the size of the losses as much as possible by cutting as many corners as possible and pray the customers don't notice. Then hope to go public some day and use the proceeds to pay off the mountain of debt. And that's exactly what they've done. In their IPO they state that the primary use of the proceeds raised will go to pay off some of the debt! So even after the IPO they're not going to be spending money to give their customers a better experience - it's all going to that mountain of debt.

Professional Web Hosting for Small Businesses

Since LazyLizard has been profitable from Day 1 we've always been able to provide our clients with a superior experience. Today after more than 20 years in business, all of our servers are less than a year old! We are continually renewing and upgrading our equipment to give our clients the best possible experience. Today for instance, none of our servers run with traditional hard disk drives anymore. All of our servers are on SSD (Solid State Drives), which are like the memory cards in your phone. They have no moving parts and as a result are lightening fast and rock-solid stable.

LazyLizard InterNET, has provided Business-Class professional web hosting services since 1995. We have more than two decades of experience working with global businesses of all sizes.

You can rely on LazyLizard InterNET for all your virtual-hosting needs. If you're looking for serious reliability, support, uptime, and the newest in servers, all provided with the professionalism the largest businesses expect, you've come to the right place. And with a 30-day moneyback guarantee there is no reason not to try LazyLizard today!

Let Us Host You!

At LazyLizard, web hosting is our entire focus. It's all we do. We're dedicated to servers and to serving our clients.


WordPress has become one of the most powerful and popular website platforms around. All of our servers are specially configured for the optimum performance of WordPress sites. We also offer security protection programs for WordPress sites.

In fact, on WordPress, you can sign up for our WordPress Security Protection program whether you host your site with us or not. We'll continuously scan and protect your WordPress site against today’s advanced cyber attacks, hacks and online security threats. We will also keep your plugins and WordPress core files up to date which will reduce one of the primary causes of WordPress attacks. If your WordPress site has ever been attacked, we can help stop the attacks and repair the damage from a previous attack. All of this for just $15 a month. You can sign-up here.

Disk Space & Bandwidth

Our pre-configured plans offer accounts that provide our clients with ample disk space and bandwidth. Although all our accounts have bandwidth and disk space limits - 99% of our clients never even come close to using a fraction of what our smallest account package offers.

One of the benefits of having limits is that it reduces (to almost zero) the number of people who are looking to abuse a web host's servers. This means faster speeds and better uptime for you.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If for any reason you're dissatisfied during your first 30 days of service, we will gladly refund your money.

And of course you're free to cancel your account at any time after that.

Client Support

All of our customer support is based in the United States. So you will always get someone you can communicate clearly with.

Support is offered via our Support Desk, email or phone - (212) 545-8535.

Whether you need help with server questions, domain registration, transferring domains and websites or hosting related issues, we are always here for you!

cPanel - Web Control Panel

We offer the powerful and user-friendly cPanel on all servers at no additional charge. cPanel is the ultimate in web server control panels and gives you control over every aspect of your website. It will make your life very easy.